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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my account held?

Your Account is held at Interactive Brokers in your name. At no time does The Republic Capital Management LLC have possession of your money or your shares. Upon signing of an agreement with us we will only have investment authority over your account and the obligation to vote your shares on items brought before shareholders.

Disclosure: Interactive Brokers LLC is not affiliated with and does not endorse or recommend The Republic Capital Management LLC. Interactive Brokers provides execution and clearing services to customers of The Republic Capital Management LLC. For more information regarding Interactive Brokers LLC, please visit interactivebrokers.com.

What types of accounts do you manage?

Clients can open the following types of accounts: Individual, Joint, Roth, Rollover and Traditional IRAs.

What is your Minimum Account Size?

Our recommended minimum account size is 100k, we do make exceptions on a client by client basis.

What if I do not want The Republic Capital Management LLC voting my shares?

You have the option at account opening to not authorize us to vote your shares.

Will I get year-end tax statements?

Interactive Brokers provides annual tax statements for all accounts. Consult your tax advisor for more details. Please note The Republic Capital Management LLC does NOT provide tax guidance.

How will I know how my shares were voted?

Clients will receive reports on each vote taken on their behalf. Additionally, you may request at any time to receive information on how your shares were voted.

What if I am not a conservative but I am interested in your investment management services?

If you are not interested in our proxy voting services, which is how we incorporate our clients beliefs, we can include in your agreement, at the time of account opening, language that states you are not signing over voting rights of your investments to The Republic Capital Management LLC.