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Non-ESG Investments Services Near Austin, TX

A non-ESG Investment Service

Active Ownership | Proxy voting 

First, the Problem:

Are you using mutual funds & ETFs? 

Like most Americans you may be using these financial products to meet your financial goals. 

Unfortunately, these popular products have resulted in large investment firms, such as BlackRock, controlling the majority of outstanding shares of stock in America's corporations, while providing a catalyst for the ESG movement.

Why is this?

Pooled investment products, such as mutual funds & ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) SEPERATE OWNERSHIP FROM CONTROL.

Buying a share of stock in a company gives you ownership rights, such as a vote for who sits on the Board of Directors and a say on management proposals, that ultimately determine how the company is run. This is done via Proxy Voting at shareholder meetings. When you invest through a Mutual Fund or ETFs, you are stripped of the voting rights that come with stock ownership, which transfers to the financial firm that created the fund!

Once the economic owners of a company are severed from controlling it, those that have the control will engage in rent seeking behavior - defined as gaining benefits through manipulating the distribution of financial resources. It is this manipulation of resources that has promoted ESG and consequently the politicalizing of the financial markets.

The Solution?

Constitutionally Responsible Investing

Constitutionally Responsible Investing is designed to meet the growing demand for a non-ESG investment service. Starting with a belief in the separation of Corporation & State, it is active ownership, via Proxy Voting, by Conservative & Liberty Minded Americans over their personal investments. To do this, we build diversified stock portfolios directly in your own account, allowing you to get the diversification benefits of mutual funds while retaining control of the voting rights of your shares!

 Unlike other financial firms, we will vote your shares of stock on your behalf - so that you can be confident your investments, values and beliefs are being represented in Corporate America.

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